Fields of Fuel is a free, online, multiplayer game designed to allow players to explore the complex sustainability challenges associated with growing bioenergy crops. The game is primarily designed for use in high school and undergraduate environmental studies, ecology, economics and natural resources classes, but the game can be played in a variety of formal and informal settings.

Included here are resources to help you…

  • Setup a game
  • Navigate gameplay Interpret scores and graphs
  • Learn more about the underlying ecological and economic models
  • Use the game effectively with your students

DisclaimerFields of Fuel was designed as an educational tool to explore sustainability issues associated with biofuel production. What sustainable scenarios for biofuel production might be is an open question. We do not intend for the outcomes of gameplay to reflect one correct answer, but to raise questions and promote critical discussion. Game developers will periodically update game models to based upon new information about how this system works and we welcome ongoing feedback.