Game Set-Up Instructions

Fields of Fuel can be played in either in single-player or multi-player mode using most up-to-date web browsers (*see system requirements):

Single player mode: In single player mode, the user plays against the computer, competing against up to five "bot" farmers. Single player mode can be a fun, useful option for trying out game features, getting accustomed to the flow of game play and experimenting with different farm management strategies.

Multi-player mode: In multi-player mode, a group of people can play against each other in real-time. We envisioned that multi-player mode would be used most often in classroom settings where all students would engaged in a common game set up by the instructor. For multi-player mode, a "moderator" (typically an instructor) creates a new game and invites players to join. The moderator has the ability to pause and advance the game through stages while facilitating group discussion.