Overview: Players compete to plant, grow and sell bioenergy crops on their farm to get the highest sustainability, economics, energy and/or environment scores. Players can play against each other and/or against computer generated players (i.e. "bots"). Read more about gameplay basics.

Goals: The default goal of the game is to get the highest "sustainability score" after a predetermined number of game rounds. However, players can choose other game goals such as trying to get the highest economic score or environment score. The game moderator can also change how much weighting is given to economic, environmental and energy components of the sustainability score. Read more about how the sustainability score is calculated.

Rounds: The game is round-based, where each round represents a 1-year cycle of planting, managing, harvesting and selling crops.

Round Stages: During each round, players progress through two or three stages in which actions or decisions are required: 1) Planting stage, 2) Management stage (optional), and 3) Harvest stage. The game will automatically advance to the next stage when all players complete the current stage. Read more about the round stages.

Feedback and Scores: Players get feedback in the form of scores and data how how each of their fields and their overall farm is performing over time. Scores and data fall into three categories: 1) economics, 2) energy, and 3) environment. The scores in each of their categories are averaged to calculate the overall "sustainability score." All scores are calculated in range of 0-100%. After each round, players get a summary of how their scores and ranking changed from the previous year. The detailed history of the economic, energy, and environmental scores and data for a player's farm is displayed on the right-hand side of their screen. Players can see the same data and scores for each field by clicking on the "+" button below their fields. See info Field-level scores and data and Farm-level scores and graphs.

Bots (Computer Players): In single-player mode, players can compete against up to five "bot" computer generated players. Bot players can also be added in multi-player games. Read more about the bot players.