Basic Requirements & Materials

  • Target audience: High school - undergraduate students and informal audiences (Grades 9-16)
  • Subject areas: environmental studies, ecology, environmental science, economics, agriculture, natural resources
  • Time: One or more 50-90 minute class periods.
  • Computers: We recommend students play game in pairs sharing a computer, in order to facilitate discussion. The game should work on most tablets (eg. iPad) but we recommend testing ahead of time to ensure full functionality.
  • Software: An up-to-date web browser. Google Chrome is recommended. **Note: Internet Explorer will not work. See System Requirements for details.
  • Internet access: The game requires internet access (make sure to confirm with your IT department that the url is not blocked!).
  • Projector and screen (recommended):  An overhead projector is useful for displaying and discussing the game scoreboard and player data. Players can also access the scoreboard directly from their interface.